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Mommy, why did they take my dog ?

We as owners and lovers of this great breed can not stand aside as local law makers try to rob us of our 14th amendment right. We do have the right to own the breed of our choice. We can not assume that someone will fight them on these illegal laws. We all must stand up and have our voices heard. Other wise we will loose our right to own these GREAT animals. It is the number 1 proiority of this club to put a stop to all breed specific legislation before it becomes law. And we need YOUR help!

Remember our children are the future

Everyone at the Steel Valley APBT Club would like to extend there deepest sympathy, Heartfelt sorrow & our most sincere condolences to the victims, families & loved ones that have been affected by the september 11th national tragedy. We urge all Americans to fly a flag on there home, vehicle, etc. to show our unity, love and respect for our lost brothers & sisters.

About our club

We are a new club, founded in 2002 in the Pittsburgh Pennsylvania area. We are not currentley sanctioned through any registry. However our goal is to become ADBSI sanctioned. After doing so we will be able to host ADBA/ADBSI sanctioned shows and weight pull events. We need as much help as we can get. So if your intrested in helping this GREAT breed and other owners of this breed . Or if you would just like to get to know more about the APBT, then you should join our club. If you would like to join see the contact page for your membership application.

Contact Information

Steel Valley APBT Club
Po Box 94
Van Voorhis PA 15366

Visit the Steel Valley message board