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Steel Valley A.P.B.T. Club Membership application

Membership dues for renewals are due on or before January 31st of each year.The price of membership shall be .00 for a single member, or .00 for a family membership. For members who are under 16 years of age dues are only .00. Any two (2) people who reside together may join under the family membership. Any new member joining the clubthat is under the age of eighteen (18) must have there parents give written permission prior to being accepted.

Make checks payable to Steel Valley APBTC






If under 18 years date of birth:___________________
Family Membership fill out second form and send together with the other members name written in


If under 18 years must complete bottom.
I hereby give my permission for my son / daughter to join the Steel Valley APBT Club. And certify that I have read and understand the constitution and bylaws for the club. I also give permission for my son or daughter to participate in any and all activities that the club is involved in, including meetings, shows, fundraisers, protests, legal procedures, and anything else that we may participate in.

Parents signature:__________________________________