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About the Steel Valley APBT Club

The objective of the club is to...

A) Promote a better image of the APBT.

B) Promote a better image of all responsible owners and breeders of the APBT.

C) Do all in our power to fight all breed specific legislation of all breed of dog.

D) Not condone the use of the breed for any illegal activities, by club members or non-club members.

E) encourage intelligent breeding of purebred APBT's accenting their finest qualities.

F) Do all in our power to promote fair conduct at all breed shows.

G) Sponsor breed shows and other activities that are in the best intrest of the breed.

Meet the club officers

PRESIDENT : Matt Smith
E-Mail: bigkhankenn@yahoo.com

VICE PRESIDENT : Mark Clemente

SECRETARY : Amber Peck
E-mail: amberlynnmickey@hotmail.com


E-Mail: gtsundy@adelphia.net

Steel Valley APBT Club meetings in the meeting room

Private meeting room

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